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Alonzo Van Oden was a Texas Ranger stationed in Ysleta. After leaving the Ranger service, he ran a lumber yard and a store in Sierra Blanca, Hudspeth Co,. TX and he ran a ranch near Chispa, TX which was near Jeff Davis Co. TX, not far from Marfa, Texas.

Alonzo Van Oden and Laura took care of her Hay children until he died. Later Laura Carr Hay moved to El Paso and then lived in the lower valley of El Paso. She was a very successful merchant owning a store in Fabens, El Paso Co. TX. She operated a farm near Clint, El Paso County which was near Fabens. While living there, Pancho Villa raided her place and stole her cattle.

Mamie and Annie Oden were both raised in the valley at Clint.

Laura Carr Hay Oden also married Jim Oden for a short time. He was a cousin of Alonzo Van Oden.

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Birth: Mar. 15, 1863

McMullen County

Texas, USADeath: Aug. 11, 1910

El Paso County

Texas, USA

Lon Oden married for the first time in 1889, but the marriage ended shortly thereafter in divorce, and on March 1, 1891, he joined the Texas Rangers. For a time he worked the region surrounding San Antonio, Texas, but then was sent west to serve with Ranger John R. Hughes. Oden and Hughes were dispatched to Shafter, Texas, due to the Carrasco brothers gang, led by Antonio Carrasco, committing armed robberies in order to steal silver being shipped from the silver mines. Assisted by Ranger and undercover agent Ernest St. Leon, the Rangers set up surveillance on a mine where the thieves were expected to strike, based on inside information gained by St. Leon. When the outlaws opened fire after ignoring the command to surrender, the Rangers killed all three men.

Oden then was sent to El Paso, Texas, where he worked for some time, and where he became acquainted with, and friends with Ranger Bass Outlaw. In 1893, when Ranger Captain Frank Jones was ambushed and killed, John Hughes took over as Ranger Captain for that area. Because Jones and his small band of Rangers were mistakenly inside Mexico when the ambush had taken place, there was to be no prosecution of those responsible.

However, still working undercover, Ernest St. Leon supplied a list of names of those known to have taken part in the killing to Captain Jones. Accompanied by a company of Rangers, including Oden and led by Hughes, the Rangers tracked down and killed all 18 men on the list, either by shooting them or by hanging them.

Oden had by this time settled in Ysleta, Texas. During this time he took part in several Ranger raids, and over time he and his fellow Rangers working that area drastically reduced the number of robberies and cattle rustling in that region. On April 5, 1894, Bass Outlaw was shot and killed by John Selman in El Paso. Outlaw was not innocent in his own death, a fact which made it all the more difficult to accept for Oden. Outlaw, intoxicated and furious at what he deemed mistreatment by a local judge, had shot and killed Ranger Joe McKidrict inside a brothel. When confronted by Selman, a constable at the time, Outlaw and Selman became involved in a gunfight, leaving Selman wounded, and Outlaw dead. Two years later, on April 5, 1896, lawman and friend to Outlaw, George Scarborough, would shoot and kill Selman in a gunfight over Selman having killed Outlaw.

Lon Oden continued working as a Ranger, and by this time he had developed a considerable reputation due to the numerous and mostly unknown outlaws and cattle rustlers he had either killed in shootouts, arrested, or hanged. He had become involved with widow Annie Laura Hay around 1894. On January 17, 1997, the couple married, and he left the Rangers shortly thereafter to become a rancher and businessman. He started a successful ranch in Marfa, Texas. He died there of an unknown lung ailment on August 11, 1910. In 1936, his daughter Annie Laura Oden Jenson published his diary of his exploits as a Ranger. 


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  Aaron Van Buren Oden (1834 - 1862)

  Martha Jane Walker Oden (1844 - 1864)



  Laura Carr Oden (1867 - 1941)

From 1900 Census Presidio Coiunty Texas
ED 66, P 15, L 92

Pct 1

NameDOBSexAgeBirthplaceFather BirthplaceMother BirthplaceRelationshipMarriedChildren
Alonzoi V. OdenMar. 1862M38TX     
Laura OdenApr. 1868F32TX  Wife  
Alma HayAug. 1884F15TX  Step-daughter  
Mabel HayMar. 1887F13TX  Step-daughter  
Haywood HayJuly 1891M8TX  Step-son  

From 1910 Census El Paso County Texas
ED 87, P 1, No 8-9

Sierra Blanca, Pct 5

NameAgeSexBirthplaceFather BirthplaceMother BirthplaceRelationshipChildren
Alfonzo V. Oden47MTXTXTX Md 13 years
Laura Oden43FTXALTXWifeMd 13 years, 6 children, 4 living
Annie L. Oden7FTXTXTXDaughter 
Mamie Oden5FTXTXTXDaughter 


Alonzo and Laura Oden were on the 1910 Census, but they were actually living in present Hudspeth County which was formed in 1917 from El Paso County. Sierra Blanca is the County Seat of Hudspeth County.

According to his Cemetery record his name was Alonzo, not


From Texas Deaths 1890-1976--Alma Jane Colwell

Texas Deaths 1890-1976

Alma Jane Colwell

Died: Feb. 12, 1920, Clint, El Paso County, TX, age 34 years, 9 months, 5 days.

Buried: Sierra Blanca, Hudspeth County, Texas

Born: May 7, 1885 Carriage Springs, Dimmit Co. TX

Father: Lenard Hay born TX

Mother: Laura Carr born TX

From Texas Deaths 1890-1976---Leonard Leroy Hay

Texas Deaths 1890-1976

Leonard Leroy Hay---Retired/Shipping Clerk

Died: July 10, 1957 Dallas, Dallas County TX, age 65 years, 11 months, 22 days

Buried: Oakland Cemetery

Born: July 18, 1891 TX

Father: Leonard Leroy Hay born TX

Mother: Odom

Residence Dallas, Dallas County TX.

Note: The name Odom is an incorrect spelling of her married name of Oden.

From 1930 Census El Paso County Texas
P 175, Pct 1, No 40-41, 42, 43 and 44

El Paso

NameAgeSexBirthplaceFather BirthplaceMother BirthplaceRelationship
Lennie L. Hay38MTXTXTX 
Eddiie D. Hay33FTXUSUSWife
Lennie D. Hay10FTXTXTXDaughter
Eddie D, Hay8MTXTXTXSon
Laura Oden62FTXALTX 
Joe Love17MTXTXTXGrandson
Andrew J. Jansen33MNJDenmarkDenmark 
Annie L. Jensen27FTXTXTXWife
Andrew O. Jensen9MTXNJTXSon
Christian A. Jensen2 4/12MTXNJTXSon
George E. Richards27MAZEnglandIL 
Mamie Richards25FTXTXTXWife
George L. Richards3 8/12MTXAZTXSon

Apparently all 4 of these families were living on the same

land in 1930.